As stated on the main page, people often have issues with being credited for offers.  Hopefully, the information here will help snuff that out.  Read their TOS, as they WILL ban you for breaking the rules.  Building up a stockpile, then getting banned isn't very fun for anyone.

The signup process involves giving very little information.  Name, Email address, and password.  It's recommended that you use your main email for this.  They will not spam you. The offers however, will.  Thankfully, PrizeRebel does not require that you complete offers with the email address that they have on file.  This allows you to go ahead and create a junk email address which will be designated for spam.  Occasionally, some of the offer sites will not credit you if you use an email that you've already used with another offer, so just create another. GuerrillaMail can be quite useful at times when you need to verify something by email, but still won't get credit due to a used email address.

.: Misc. Tips

Use Firefox.  This will allow you to easily and quickly clear your cookies and other information.  More on this later.  Not to mention, it's just better.

Many (most) folks swear by using RoboForm to complete offers faster.  I do not, so therefore cannot comment on its effectiveness.  It's up to you.

Turn off AntiVirus/Firewalls/Anti-Spyware and Adblockers - these can block cookies.  If cookies are blocked, you'll never get credit for offers.

Read the FAQ on

.: Guide

First and foremost, ALWAYS clear your cookies between each and every offer.  I cannot stress this enough.  I wasted alot of time because I did not do this at first.  This is where firefox is useful.  "Tools > Clear Private Data"  Note that clearing your cookies will log you out of PrizeRebel.  You can still complete offers when logged out, however.  Each offer link is designated to your user ID.  You will only need to log back in when loading a list of offers.

The following is details on how to fulfill requirements.  If you're interested in an offer within an offer, you are encouraged to complete it.

REMEMBER: Within offers, always allow pages to fully load before moving onto the next page.

.: The offer types

.: "Requirement: Complete the offer until you reach a vertical list of offers, choose a offer from that list. US ONLY"

These take a few minutes to complete, but are plentiful, and generally worth 1.5 points.

Usually, they will start on a page asking for your email address, and random other information: fill it out and hit submit/continue/whatever.

The second page asks for name, address, phone number (I don't use my real phone number - you can't just ignore a constant ringing phone like you can an email inbox), and such.  Fill out all the required information, and move on.

After this, there's generally several pages with one Yes/No question/ad.  Just hit no on these, unless of course you are interested in one.

When you come to pages with many Yes/No questions, try to say yes to a few of them.  This seems to increase chances of getting credit.  For each one which you choose YES, you'll be shown an advertisement asking for more information.  You can just skip these.

Full page ads can always be skipped/passed.  You do not need to complete them for credit.

Eventually, you will come to a page that looks different from the rest.  Usually labeled something about completing "Silver" offers.  A long list of ads, with a separate link for each.  This is the most important page, if you want credit.  Click a link for an ad, let everything load.  A small window will usually pop up along with the ad's destination.  The small window is explaining that you must make a purchase, or something similar.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A PURCHASE.  Once the pages fully load, just close them.  Repeat clicking a few ads, and repeating the process.  After visiting two or three of them, you're usually already ensured of credit.  Sometimes, however, you'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Continue to offers page 2" (or something similar).  Do the same with the ads on the second page, and 3rd/4th/5th/etc. if there are more pages. 

Keep checking throughout this to see if you've received credit, if you have, you can just close the offer(s) and move onto another (it will usually take no more than two minutes to receive credit).  If an offer does not credit after ten minutes, then you're likely not going to get credit from it no matter how many times you try, or there was a problem with it somewhere.  This is where using different email addresses and such are helpful.

.: "Requirement: Complete the first 18 pages, you must select a offer from the page with a vertical list of offers. US ONLY"

.: "Requirement: Complete the first 20 pages, you must select a offer from the page with a vertical list of offers. US ONLY"

Most of these can be completed in exactly the same way as the section above.  They do seem to be pickier at times, and less likely to credit you.  I have yet to figure out for sure why this is.

More coming soon.

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